Friday, March 30, 2018

Week 8: Blog Post Part One Get Visual: Let a Picture Tell the Story

According to our brand, the visual networks that works best for our product and service are Instagram and YouTube. We link our Social Media networks together. It works out great! What we post on Instagram, shows up on Facebook and have links in the bio for our YouTube. We are in the process of creating a marketing campaign with visual social media for our re-grand opening. Stay Tuned!



Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Week 7: Blog Post Part 2 Engaging your Customers: Facebook Strategy

These post I feel keep the customer engaged and updated. The posts explain a few details on current news for tasting room construction, small batch brewing, and collaborations. The beautiful part of being both a brewery and home brewing supply store is that we can cater to the professional brewer and novice brewer.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Week 7: Blog Post Part One Engaging your Customers: Facebook Strategy

These are the 8 business I chose to help with content to share with my followers / customers.

1) Country Malt Group
2) BSG Handcraft
3) BrewCraft
4) American Homebrewers Association
5) Brewers Association
6) Fermentis
7) WhiteLabs
8) Morebeer

These businesses are venders and industry leaders. I plan on using these businesses to help promote and share content related to the beer industry. The strategy is to allow a network of communication among other's in the industry, to gain insights on tips and new technology being used. This is very helpful to grow a business. For example, if my business has any technical issues's most often the above businesses have useful resources to help. Some of these businesses come with memberships to gain access to more resources's that can help navigate around certain situations that can become problematic. Such as operation cost, distribution, equipment, ingredients that might be needed at a lower cost than most. Not to mention trial and error recommendations. 

These  businesses can help other's grow on Facebook by the amount of information given to potential customers that can be used to attract more followers with the same demographic target market. The challenge will be to better understand how business's operate on Facebook and link it all together. 

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Week 6: Blog Post Part 2 Setting up a FaceBook Business Page

A post reach is a post that is seen by a target audience. Facebook Insights overview will show your 5 most recent posts. In the reach section, it will display  organic / paid amount of people who it reached. 

A post engagement is how people interacted with the post. In the engagement section, it will display people's reactions, comments, and shares. 

It is important to understand the difference between both post reach and post engagement to see if you are reaching the right audience. A post can reach hundreds of people, but have few engagements if seen by the wrong demographic. But if the post reach is seen by the target audience, it can have more post engagements. 

A business can gain from understanding how post reach and post engagements work, by understanding facebook insight overview. A business can see if they are reaching target market goals. An example is studying facebook insight overview trends.  

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Week 6: Blog Post Part 1 Setting up a FaceBook Business Page

How are these businesses using FaceBook?

Most Businesses found success using FaceBook marketing strategy. I found most businesses relying on facebook marketing features to promote, advertise, and sale products, in this case beer.

In your opinion are they using it effectively?

I feel most businesses in the beer industry are using FaceBook effectively. They post product image banner of what new beer or new product release. For example, what was noticeable was the increase in (page like, posts, and engagements) that helped gain more exposure.

How often are they posting?

According, to insights, which compares the performance of your page and post with similar pages on facebook. Here, I can see how often businesses are posting. Typically, most businesses post 2-7 times a week. Also, I noticed that they keep a constant engagement during the week.

Did they set up their Cover photo and calls to action correctly in your opinion?

I noticed a trend and constancy with the beer industry social media cover photos. The photos showed high quality designs and quality beer pictures. The call to action page that stud out was Novo Brazil brewing. They linked the appropriate page to sell the product or event effectively.

Can you think of ways they could use FaceBook more effectively?

I think most businesses are not using the shop option effectively. When you think about it, most people like to buy online. Especially, if it's an event or beer festival. I found most businesses not using the shop options to increase sells.

In reviewing their use, can you think of ways you could use FaceBook more effectively for your own business?

In comparing the performance of my page and post with similar pages on facebook. I could use FaceBook more effectively is increasing weekly post, engagements, setting up cover photo, and calls to action correctly.