Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Final Blog Post

My overall perspective and outlook toward social media has changed throughout the semester. I feel more comfortable with using social media and its tools. Despite the many ways and options for online marketing, in a nut shell, it comes down to creating compelling content, marketing and advertising your brand, and analyzing.

After implementing above strategies, I have noticed a growth of customers and increased interactions. With short quick visual bursts, and advertising our brand, I have seen a bump in likes and activity across the board. "Numbers don't lie."

Overall, I have a better understanding of how online marketing strategies work. My viewpoint for social media marketing potential has strengthened. I can now make more effective online marketing strategies when monitoring FaceBook and Google analytics metrics.

To make a business successful, a business needs to develop an effective online marketing strategy. The most important I feel makes an effective online marketing strategy is creating compelling content that keeps the customer engaged and increases interactions. Another important thing to do is market and advertise your brand by sending weekly online advertisements through social media and email. Lastly, analyzing data by the metrics from Facebook and Google analytics.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Week 16: Blog Post Part Two: Planning Your Future Strategy

Considering all the variables from recent lectures and tools we learned this semester, the online 

marketing strategy that I would implement are: 

 Creating compelling content; is most important in engaging the customer. Having them keep coming back and sharing visual content that tells a story.

Market and advertising our brand; sending weekly email marketing and online advertising through the use of social media tools. And

Analyzing data; gathering the data from Facebook / Google business analytics will be the best practice for my business.

The estimated time my business should spend on social media marketing will be a few hours to social media a week. It will depend on what makes the best sense through testing.
For next month rough plan will include all variables listed above. I will implement the online marketing strategy by creating compelling content in real-time by advertising through social media FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, and email marketing. I will gather and analyze data from the last 7 day report to see if we reach our monthly goal.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Week 16 Blog Post Part One: Planning Your Future Strategy

Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube integrate best with the type of business I operate. The most I enjoyed using for my business is both Instagram and Facebook. I found we had the most likes, site visit's, and exposure with Instagram and Facebook.

The type media we post and share that seems to work well with my business are calendar events, and media graphic banner's. I guess people like to constant photos and designs that show what products we have for sale. Another component we found worked well and noticed that we had more people interaction, comments were video ads.

Now, that we found a pattern, I can focus my attention on the most effective media ads to use on a daily. The most effective posts are the business picture collage updates. The most effective posts that we will be using on a much less frequent time schedule are the video sponsored ads. I chose these options mainly due to budget and time schedule. Since, we are doing the majority of all the start-up business work we have set due dates to complete each item for grand opening we have limited budget and time to complete more social media. However, once we finish construction end of this month, we will focus a solid month for just social media advertisement.


Gus Molina

Embarcadero Brewing Company LLC.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Week 15: Blog Post Part Two: Optimizing Yourself and the Company

After reviewing all the content on my FaceBook business analytics page, I found a few changes in the overview. I chose the 7 day Overview page summary option. Here I can see activity insights reported within the last 7 days. The overview will show reports on page view, likes, post engagements, video likes, etc,. By clicking the data link on total views, a chart generated by facebook analytics shows a graph section, day, and amount. Facebook also has a unique feature that shows overall and compares san Diego craft beer, facebook trends daily. This is a very helpful tool to see if ads on business page are getting any views and it compares overall likes.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Week 15: Blog Post Part One: Optimizing Yourself and the Company

Visiting google analytics for my business. I find real-time and audience feature most beneficial. With real-time I can monitor and see web browsing user activity in real-time. I can monitor the number of people, their geographic location, key search words that lead them to my website, and activity as it happens. The audience feature I can see the overview of the active user. I can explore through various options. I find it very helpful to monitor the active user's demographic, behavior, age, gender, and more with the audience option.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Week 14: Blog Post Part One Developing Online Advertising

The social media advertisement my business uses are:

Domain Ads
Multi-Product Ads (Carousel Ads)
Offer Ads
Video Ads
Sponsored Mentions

Most of facebook advertising we do are single post ads. The only ads we chose to run paid campaign are the ads which promote our website, events, and products. Once we open doors we will begin using the Boost Sales option to promote the grand opening of our tasting room / supply store.

Due to my business being both entities a brewery and tasting room, we will be creating two different types of ads. One ad will be promoting the brewery that shows what beer, food, events. The other ads creating will be promote the supply store equipment, ingredients, recipes, and more.