Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Week 16 Blog Post Part One: Planning Your Future Strategy

Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube integrate best with the type of business I operate. The most I enjoyed using for my business is both Instagram and Facebook. I found we had the most likes, site visit's, and exposure with Instagram and Facebook.

The type media we post and share that seems to work well with my business are calendar events, and media graphic banner's. I guess people like to constant photos and designs that show what products we have for sale. Another component we found worked well and noticed that we had more people interaction, comments were video ads.

Now, that we found a pattern, I can focus my attention on the most effective media ads to use on a daily. The most effective posts are the business picture collage updates. The most effective posts that we will be using on a much less frequent time schedule are the video sponsored ads. I chose these options mainly due to budget and time schedule. Since, we are doing the majority of all the start-up business work we have set due dates to complete each item for grand opening we have limited budget and time to complete more social media. However, once we finish construction end of this month, we will focus a solid month for just social media advertisement.


Gus Molina

Embarcadero Brewing Company LLC.

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