Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Week 13: Blog Post Part Two Online Advertising: Analysis of the Marketplace

With social media a business can chose from multiple ways to advertise a product, or service. As a start-up business my company uses, the free advertisement, promote, and boost sales option. We have noticed that timing and budget has a lot to do with generating best results. The best results from using any form of social media advertisement have been on particular times between the day. Such as, noon and late pm postings have been more affective. According to facebook and google analytic, the paid campaigns have reached a large demographics. Since we are under construction, most of the feedback have been from friends, family, and local events. We rely on social media postings to keep people posted on construction, and opening soon dates. I think once we open doors, we will have a better understanding on how effective our choice of social media advertisement is, and see what changes or modifications need to happen.

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