Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Week 16: Blog Post Part Two: Planning Your Future Strategy

Considering all the variables from recent lectures and tools we learned this semester, the online 

marketing strategy that I would implement are: 

 Creating compelling content; is most important in engaging the customer. Having them keep coming back and sharing visual content that tells a story.

Market and advertising our brand; sending weekly email marketing and online advertising through the use of social media tools. And

Analyzing data; gathering the data from Facebook / Google business analytics will be the best practice for my business.

The estimated time my business should spend on social media marketing will be a few hours to social media a week. It will depend on what makes the best sense through testing.
For next month rough plan will include all variables listed above. I will implement the online marketing strategy by creating compelling content in real-time by advertising through social media FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, and email marketing. I will gather and analyze data from the last 7 day report to see if we reach our monthly goal.

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