Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Week 5: Blog Post Part 2 Your Target Market

Embarcadero Brewing and  Supplies Company will provide quality ingredients, equipment, and instructional classes for all aficionados and hobbyists. I plan to take advantage of San Diego’s famous craft beer scene, well established military environment, emerging Hispanic market, and be the firstlocal establishment to educate south San Diego residents and neighbors about the wonderfulhobby of home brewing. 

My initial research has identified the following opportunities:

No home brew supply store south of the 94 InterstateNo unique combination of style tasting, instructional classes, and home brewing supply storein the south San Diego communityPort of San Diego Bayfront/Marina Gateway redevelopmentLarge Hispanic and military marketExciting time to be part of the vibrant craft brewing and home brewing scene in San Diego

Nationwide, the number of operating craft breweries has increased by 18% in 2013 by volumeas compared to the 15% increase in 2012.2 With the current growth of the craft beer industry,San Diego residents and visitors to our wonderful city are becoming educated with the numerous and creative styles of crafted ales and lagers. According to the San Diego Brewers Guild brochure; there are 130 operating breweries in San Diego County!3

Homebrew hobbyists and clubs have also sprouted along with the craft beer revolution. Thenumber of registered clubs for the San Diego County on the American Homebrewers Association(AHA)website has reached 23 clubs as of June 2013.4 The same applies the home brew supplystores. As

of June 2013, there are 10 home brew supply stores in the county of San Diego. 5As the number of breweries continue to increase and spread to other areas of San Diego, it
appears the number of craft beers enthusiast will keep pace as more communities support this
wonderful growth.

The primary owner and operator of The Beer Supply Company is a native San
Diegan, surfer, and former U.S. military veteran. This gives the business a unique vision and
personal attachment to the area. The Beer Supply Company intends to seek patronage with following
potential customers;

Residents and visitors to South Bay Area ( married, single, and college students ages 24- 49 years)
Active duty military personnel and veterans
Reach out to the Hispanic community as native Spanish speakers

According to SADAG fast fact population characteristics (2000 and 2010 census) Hispanic Total
15% increase. 6

1  “The Economic Impact of Craft Breweries in San Diego” National University System Institute for Policy Research.June18, 2013.http://www.nusinstitute.org/assets/resources/pageResources/NUSIPR_SD_Craft_Breweries_Econ_Impact_Brief.pdf

2  “Craft Brewing Industry Statistics,” Brewers Association . July 4, 2013.http://www.brewersassociation.org/pages/business‐tools/craft‐brewing‐statistics/facts

3  “A Complete Guide To San Diego Breweries,” San Diego Brewers Guild , 2014.http://www.sandiegobrewersguild.org/wp‐content/uploads/2013/03/SDBG_Brochure‐2013‐WEB.pdf1.

4  “Find a Homebrew Club,” American Homebrewers Association . 2014.

5  “Find a Homebrew Supply Shop,” American Homebrewers Association . 2014.

6 “Demographics & Other Data Fast Facts,”SANDAG . October 2011.


Thursday, February 22, 2018

Week 5: Blog Post Part 1 Your Target Market

My first observation I noticed  that both websites, chills, and Teri cafe target market all age groups. The information provided on the both websites includes, prices that cater to all gender, age, income, and marital status.

The chilis website clearly markets the fresh, healthy, and fun, atmosphere. While the Teri cafe markets the more local, handmade, and laid back environment. Chills is a well established brand that has be growing and keeping with the trends, but still stays true, to their fresh Tex and fresh Mex roots. As promoted in their mission statement " Delivering fresh Tex and Fresh Mex flavors like no place else." (They use the perfect example of psychographics, and how they study the buyer's habits, and spending habits.) The Teri cafe promotes to the similar demographics between the the two types of customers. The subtle difference is the atmosphere, and how they promote more the homemade variety. 
As far as the overall Chills audience website design message, I noticed the more corporate vibe, and they didn't have a facebook call to action. It was more geared  towards the employee or career, and not the customer. The main focus and message was how they are "Giving Back."
 Despite being family owned and operated for over 30 years, Teri Cafe's audience message to customer's are still about the customer and their homemade food. As it shows when you hit the call to action social media icon's. 
Both websites have their obvious differences that stand out right away, and use the their website, and call to action marketing strategy to send a clear message to their intended audience's. 



Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Week 4: Blog Post Part 2 Aesthetics, Design, and Branding

Comment on others blog posting (the Thursday Post): Do you agree with their view? Can you see another point of view? Add the names of the student blogs you commented on to the bottom of your 2nd blog post for this week..

The two websites I frequently use are:



Both website's are effective in promoting the latest and greatest. I use AHA.com and Surfline.com on a daily basis. They the both send me email alerts on new material. AHA allows me to see new beer recipes that I'd like try, equipment, material, and other helpful topics for homebrewing. The content is amazing along with the contrast grabs my attention. The design theme has a smooth flow. They incorporate all aspects of a solid website that keeps me coming back for more. I wouldn't change a thing.
Surfline.com I have been using the longest. I have seen most of their changes. The layout theme has improved a lot over the years. In the early 90's they added a cool webcams feature and pictures. In a way Surfline are web pioneer's. At the time I don't remember to many other websites that were using such technology. Much has improved like, real-time climate, weather, and surf swell cams. What makes me come back again and again is the love for surfing. They continue to provide with up to the minute events and surfing conditions. What could be improved is the navigations to and around the site. I think since they have so much data from all surf conditions around the world data gets updated frequently. So if the link was not saved or bookmarks it is usually impossible to find.

Student blogs I commented on:




Saturday, February 17, 2018

Week 4: Blog Post Part 1 Aesthetics, Design, and Branding

The potential problems for visitor I noticed are no newsletter pop-up, clustered design, and not aligned properly.
According to the G.R.A.P.H.T.E.D method, I think the website should use more graphic contrast, and could use more eye catching colors that go with the High Resolution images. The colors seem to basic and logo can use more pop. 
I also noticed they don't have a newsletter pop-up banner to interact with customers.



The two following websites below clearly they create a circle of information that connects with our daily lives. Both websites use design, aesthetics and branding that plays a role in our life style, and impacts our buying decision.These website also incorporate all the G.R.A.P.H.T.E.D method and follows the simple but solid web design. 



Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Comment on your group's blogs: Week 3




Week 3: Blog Post Part 2

The business name
3 punk Ales, BayBridge Brewing, Ground swell brewing, Chula Vista Brewing, and Novo Brazil are the only breweries near us.






The social media are visibly using links on their website and clearly show daily use. Both links from website back to social media work very well.

 date of the last post on each of their their social media:

Groundswell Brewing: 2/13/2018 
3 Punk Ales: 2/8/2018
Bay Bridge Brewing: 2/10/2018
Chula Vista Brewing: 2/13/2018
Novo Brazil: 2/11/2018

Write a short analysis of their use of social media - Are these businesses using their social media well? Do they use some more than others? 

After observing all social media sites of these 5 businesses, mostly all are using their social media well. The two businesses that uses social media a lot more are 3 punk ales, and Chula Vista Brewing.
After analyzing the 5 businesses, I discovered from collectively from this exploration by noticing few things. Those things are:
Constant use of social media using vibrant pictures and banners explaining what, where, and how. Very powerful message is seen with the businesses that use more color and graphics.  I did notice that the business that posted material updates on a more frequent, received more hype, and likes. And noticed that the messages flowed very clearly with organized picture's, descriptive timelines, are key factor. 

Monday, February 12, 2018

Week 3: Blog Post Part 1

In a consumer prospective social media makes it easier to get noticed. Whoever has a problem, everyone can see it. It makes sense that a business needs to address a problem asap.

Most experience's that i've had with a business through social media have been positive. Nowadays, most all companies have a dedicated social media responder. It's more faster than email. You get notified right away when a consumer ask's a question or has a problem.

For our business Embarcadero Brewing, we respond to positive and negative comments with empathy. The consumer is always right. Fortunately, we have not had any negative comments. I think this is mostly due to the fact that we are not 100% open to the public yet. We have done few beer festivals and showcased some of our beers. We are satisfied with the overall general opinion. Are beers are unique and provide a style for just about every person's taste. From our smooth germanic lager to the more aggressive IPA and back in between to the more flavorful amber, browns, and stouts.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Week 2: Blogs I Commented On




Week 2: Overview Of Social Media

I think all Social Media platforms were intended for personal use. As time progressed and technology improved so did Social Media platforms. For example, before Facebook, there was MySpace. People would customize their own personal site. You could create your own background, theme, add music, pictures with effects. At the time Facebook only had very few options to customize. But out of nowhere, Facebook blew-up overnight. Facebook caught on to future trends and understood what changes needed to be made. And later came other avenues of social media, like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc.  

People were now able to follow their favorite celebrities, entertainers, and see their daily lives. It was not long after everyone including business's would catch on to the promotional and advertisement power of social media. I think the fun started once company's started using social media platform integration. For example, a business can create a promotion or ad on Facebook and with the integration option  it would automatically send to Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, email and Website. And the creativity didn't stop there. Inside the business promotion or ad, was hyper links to redirect the customer to shop.

However, Social Media is suitable for both business and personal use. Like I mentioned earlier a business can benefit from social media integration to advertise, promote, and gather data. While personal use can benefit from social media to inform for birthday parties, family gatherings, and fundraiser.