Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Week 13: Blog Post Part One Online Advertising: Analysis of the Marketplace

Find 5 businesses similar to yours and study the social advertising they use. In your opinion does their advertising seem effective?

Look for examples of advertising on FaceBook, Twitter and other social media. What draws your attention? What is their call to action? Do they use imagery and is it effective?

Compare the impact of traditional advertising to advertising done on Social Media. Which is more effective with you?

The five businesses similar that use social advertising are:

SS Brewtech
Circle Nine Brewing
3 punk ales
Chula Vista Brewing

SS BrewTech; are on top of their stainless steel / commercial / home brewing game when displaying content over social media. They use up to date video and advertising that puts them on top. For any new up and coming nano / commercial brewer who wants to start in the game, they are the first choice for quality. They use imagery that attracts to many who want to up their game. The traditional brewer used old out rated glass carboy's fermenter. Now, the basic home brewer game has evolved to the more advanced stainless steel fermenter.

MoreBeer;  In my opinion, my hats off to morebeer,  a company who has grown into a very reputable homebrewing / commercial brewery supplier. They use facebook, and other social media to display high quality imagery graphic of hops, yeast, grains, and brewing supplies. They showcase new home brewing and pro brewing equipment on the market on a constant basis. The customer experience is very helpful and orders are shipped fast.

Circle Nine Brewing;  What draws me to the attention of this business is the use of simplicity.  Their call to action needs work. The imagery is to the point. They use basic traditional advertising on social media, nothing to fancy and high graphic.

3 Punk Ales ; These guys are solid, trying to make a living. Using their own skills to create social media graphic imagery to attract the young crowd of beer drinkers. They are very persistent with displaying social media content. Their call to action is needs some work. I could not find the call to action on their site?

Chula Vista Brewing ; This is business hit the ground running, my respect! They are evolving very fast. The social media call to action has improved from last. They use the traditional social media display content. Most of their movement has been word of mouth. Very popular place to hang out in the SouthBay.

The most effective business to follow is SS BrewTech. They are followed throughout the states. It is evident that they use all the components of social media marketing.

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