Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Final Blog Post

My overall perspective and outlook toward social media has changed throughout the semester. I feel more comfortable with using social media and its tools. Despite the many ways and options for online marketing, in a nut shell, it comes down to creating compelling content, marketing and advertising your brand, and analyzing.

After implementing above strategies, I have noticed a growth of customers and increased interactions. With short quick visual bursts, and advertising our brand, I have seen a bump in likes and activity across the board. "Numbers don't lie."

Overall, I have a better understanding of how online marketing strategies work. My viewpoint for social media marketing potential has strengthened. I can now make more effective online marketing strategies when monitoring FaceBook and Google analytics metrics.

To make a business successful, a business needs to develop an effective online marketing strategy. The most important I feel makes an effective online marketing strategy is creating compelling content that keeps the customer engaged and increases interactions. Another important thing to do is market and advertise your brand by sending weekly online advertisements through social media and email. Lastly, analyzing data by the metrics from Facebook and Google analytics.

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